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The Engineers' Workshop (UK), June, 2005

In almost all respects, this volume is a complete contrast, being 500 plus pages of bang up to-date material. As the introduction comments, the book covers manually controlled machines as might be used by model makers, instrument makers, car and motorcycle enthusiasts and gunsmiths....

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Guy Lautard, Author of The Machinist's Bedside Readers

Machine Shop Essentials is an excellent book which presents a wide array of basic machinist's know-how...Even from a brief look through it, I learned some new things....

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Joe Martin, President & Owner of Sherline Products Inc.

Machine Shop Essentials is a helpful collection of information that will introduce the essential processes of metalworking to the new machinist...The process of cutting metal can be extremely complicated if you try to cover every possible contingency, but Frank has done a good job of hitting the

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Nicholas Carter, Philomath, Oregon

In Machine Shop Essentials: Questions and Answers, Frank Marlow has produced a book that spans the gap between a textbook of machine shop instruction and a home shop hobbyist's manual.

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D. Speice, Westerly, Rhode Island

Machine Shop Essentials is an absolute must for the manual machining newbie, or CNC people wanting to delve into the manual world. The common sense in-depth information, coupled with the remarkable illustrations by Pamela Tallman, give the reader a really big heads up.

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David L. Bean, Salt Lake City, Utah

I bought this book because I wanted a basic treatment of machine shop tools and processes. I am not a machinist, but I'd like to add that to my list of hobbies at some point, and before I jumped in, I wanted to read up on what I should expect in terms of equipment, tooling, how-to's and such.

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Vladimir Simovich, San Francisco, California

I am new in machining field, and quite honestly without anyone that could help me or to occasionally answer my questions. After reading this book I got many of my questions answered.

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A. Anderson, Northern Virginia

I have owned a fairly nice Atlas 12" lathe for several years and recently purchased a Bridgeport milling machine to replace an old Jet 16 vertical mill.

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Robert W. Mitchell, Prescott, Michigan

It's kinda like having an eye to eye contact with a teacher. You are not talked down to. Topics are discussed like the author is talking to you. The book is easy to read and understand. I am a beginning machinist, so I needed that edge.

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—T. Raney

Machine Shop Essentials is an excellent reference for the metal-working novice and professional alike. Geared towards small prototype R&D shops that mostly rely on manual machine tools, this book describes the basics and some of the more advanced concepts in the field.

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