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Welding Know-How contains years of welding knowledge all in one easy-to-understand book. Filled with insights you won’t find anywhere else, Welding Know-How contains over 600 clear and detailed line drawings, and includes chapters on the major welding processes: shielded metal arc, wire feed, and gas tungsten arc welding, along with chapters on the major cutting processes, oxyacetylene, plasma arc, water jet, SMAW cutting, air-carbon arc, oxygen lance and burning bar. In addition, there are chapters on brazing and soldering, bending and straightening, pipe and tubing, and an extensive section on welding safety.

With this book you’ll finally gain control of your stick, TIG or wire feed outfit and learn how to get your “buzz box” to make more than just noise. After reading Welding Know-How you’ll see that there are no secrets in the welding shop, just knowledge that has never been written down—until now.


Welding Know-How features:

  • Over 600 clear and detailed line drawings
  • Step-by-step instructions for dozens of projects
  • Hundreds of solutions devised by master welders
  • Silver and bronze brazing techniques
  • Plans for jigs and fixtures so projects turn out right
  • Ideas to modify existing tools so they really work right
  • Bending & straightening methods
  • Techniques to use your welding equipment that you have never see before
  • Answers to your toughest welding questions

Review from Practical Welding Today, July/August 2012

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Welding Overview

Chapter 2 Safety

Chapter 3 Terms, Joints & Edge Preparation

Chapter 4 Tools & Equipment

Chapter 5 Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Chapter 6 Wire Feed Welding

Chapter 7 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Chapter 8 Oxyacetylene

Chapter 9 Controlling Distortion

Chapter 10 Cutting Processes

Chapter 11 Brazing & Soldering

Chapter 12 Common Problems & Solutions

Chapter 13 Design Tips

Chapter 14 Fabrication & Repair Tips

Chapter 15 Tools & Tooling

Chapter 16 Pipe & Tubing

Chapter 17 Metallurgy

Chapter 18 Power Supplies & Electrical Safety

Chapter 19 Bending & Straightening



Review from Machinist’s Workshop, June/July 2012
by Daron Klooster

I wasn't successful the first time I made an attempt at welding, mainly due to the fact that I was simply handed the equipment and told to see what 1 could do. Although learning is best done by putting your hands to work, having something like Welding Know-How at my disposal certainly would have helped.

As is true with most projects, it's best to know both what to do and the reasons for it being done in a specific way. Also, understanding how all aspects of the welding process work together will help you achieve the best results. Having this kind of knowledge base not only helps you work processes confidently, it gives you the ability to troubleshoot problems and come up with the best solutions. This is the kind of knowledge that Welding Know-How offers.

The information in this book contains more than just techniques for welding. You'll also find discussions on brazing, cutting, and soldering. The metallurgy section provides a good overview of heat-treatment and its importance in your projects. The book also instructs how to make special-purpose tools, make improvements to your old tools, and how to build welding fixtures. Included are a total of more than 500 line drawings to help illustrate the various procedures and techniques discussed.

Whether you're looking to pick up some shop tricks or just starting out, the information in this book will be both practical and useful. As the author, Frank Marlow, states, "I guarantee that it has no highfalutin' philosophy or history that no one cares about." His goal is to offer practical information that will help you in real life situations.

As you read through this book, you will undoubtedly spend more time in some chapters than others. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 12, titled "Common Problems and Solutions." It is the collection of tech­ niques, methods, and procedures that, when applied, make any welding job go smoothly. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, why not learn from someone else's mistakes?

Another great chapter is Chapter 14, "Fabrication Tips." Things like mounting table legs, burr removal, making hangers, vehicle frame repair, and adding right angle bends to steel pipes are all detailed. Although some of the examples may not apply to the project in front of you, it will only be a matter of time before you realize the basic knowledge offered can be applied to many different areas.

Chapter 2, titled "Safety," is another chapter worth noting. With anything you might make or repair in your shop, the most important thing is that you do it safely. Just being an amateur can be a dangerous obstacle to overcome, but sometimes even the experienced can suffer from a brief lapse of concentration that leads to an unfortunate outcome. Chapter 2 is a good reminder of the most important thing in your shop—you!

As you work your way through Welding Know-How, you'll start by learning the basic terminology, equipment, and reasons for welding, and end up learning how to apply tips and techniques that have been developed by master welders. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to join the ranks of master welders as well!

On-Line Glossary for Welding Know-How

Power Point Presentation — Welding in the Machine Shop (8 Mb)

This presentation compares the welding processes commonly used in the machine shop, and details their advantages and drawbacks. Processes for welding aluminum are presented. Brazing alloys are covered too.

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By Frank M. Marlow
Illustrated by Pamela J. Tallman
Trade Paperback, 552 pages
Illustrations: 600 line drawings
Dimensions: 7 10 1 inches
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Publisher: Metal Arts Press
First Edition, March 2012
Subject: Welding & Brazing
Level: Basic to Intermediate
ISBN-13 978-0-9759963-6-2
List Price: $49.95


             Welding Know-How
       Tips & Techniques of Master Welders

                          First Edition, March 2012